Accommodation at Finnhamn

Stay in a 100 year old archipelago villa, in a picturesque cottage village,

in the seaside cabins by the water or why not in a tent .

Finnhamn has a wide range of accommodation and there is something for everyone.

The Hostel

Mr. Rönnström built his villa in the early 20th century in Stockholm archipelago. Over the years, the villa has been used as a private residence, guesthouse and now hostel.

The house was renovated between the years 2014-2017 and consists of 12 rooms, 2-5 beds, two dining rooms with a kitchen and a recreation room. Outside the main building there are two and three-bed cottages.

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In the main building there are 12 rooms with 43 beds.
Main floor
Reception with small kiosk, handover of sheets and information about what is happening on the island. Recreation room with TV.

Shower and toilet for hostel guests.

Floor 1
Rooms 10-12, three 2-bed rooms.
Guest kitchen with three stoves, fridge and crockery for 87 guests.
Dining rooms, one smaller and one larger, with sliding doors between.

Floor 2
Rooms 1-9, five 4-bed rooms, two 5-bed rooms and a 2-bed room.
Shower and toilet for hostel guests.

Outside the main building there are eight cottages with a total of 16 rooms and 45 beds.
Four 2-bed rooms. These have wheelchair ramps to the door.
Twelve 3-bed cottages.

In total, the hostel has 87 beds. All the rooms have bunk beds and free WiFi.

To consider
The hostel’s idea is based on the guests handle themselves and clean up after themselves. There is no staff to do it.
All clean and do dishes after themselves, setting up chairs and tables so that the next party can get a fresh experience.

Please bring indoor shoes, an old habit of our regulars have is to take off your dirty shoes and place them at the entrance.





Sommargården, the “summer yard”, started as a sailing camp in the 1950s and is today a hostel. Sommargården is completely separate from the rest of the island’s accommodation and it is possible to rent the entire facility during the summer.

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What’s in Sommargården
Four houses with nine rooms, 2-6 bed rooms. There are both bunk beds and single beds.
Four cottages with 2-4 beds in each.
A kitchen house with dining room. Porcelain for 50 guests. Fridge, freezer and a large oven.
Outside there is a camping table and a barbecue. Activity house with a large empty surface. Separate house for shower and toilets

Sommargården is located about 30 minutes walk from the main bridge and a stone’s throw from Paradisviken and Ragnar’s kiosk where the island’s activity center is.

The cottage village


The cottage village was built in the mid-1950s and currently consists of 30 cottages. The cabins are situated on Idholmen which is one of the three larger islands forming Finnhamn.

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The 30 cottages are divided into two and four-bed cottages. Each cottage has electricity, a kitchenette and fridge with a freezer compartment. Outside the cottage is a camping table that seats about six people. Water is taken from pumps. Outhouses and shower in separate houses in the center of the village.

The cottages are equipped with crockery, cutlery, glass and pots to accommodate the number of beds.

In the middle of village there is also a cottage for 16 people including a barbecue that can be rented for parties and gatherings. It has chairs and table for 16 people, fridge but no kitchenette.

Each cabin is equipped to suit the number of beds. If things are moved to another cabin then they have to be laid back so that the next guest has the right set of everything.

Seaside cabins

Located on the waterfront the Seaside cabins has a magical view. Enjoy the water, boating and the archipelago in one of six small apartments.

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The Seaside cabins are two buildings with three 4-bed apartments in each. They have the same standard and equipment as the cottages in the cottage village, and is located on Stora Jolpan.
Apartment 1-3 are on the west side with evening sun. Appartment  4-6 are in the south, high up on the mountain. Both cabins have nature trails leading to the houses, and are hard to reach for wheelchairs and strollers.
The Seaside cabins are about 5 minutes from the steamboat pier.

What’s in the Seaside cabins?

A family room with a bunk bed and table for four guests.
One bedroom that can be closed, with a bunk bed.
A room with kitchenette with equipment for four guests; crockery, cutlery, glasses and pans.
Water is collected at the short side of the house.

BBQ facilities are located just outside the cottages and beach on the west side.


Party in the apartment
It’s fun that so many choose Finnhamn to celebrate their big days. But think about the neighbors. After 22:00 the volume must be so low that no one is disturbed. There are many guests who are early risers to enjoy the beautiful morning,
and then night sleep is needed.


in / check-out
Check-in for the cottage village and the Seaside cabins is no earlier than 15:00 and  14:00 for the hostel.

All accommodation has check-out at 11:00.

Sheets and towel

Sheets and towels are booked online when the room / cottage is booked, see price when booking.

It is possible to rent on site. See price when booking.

Sheets and towels must be returned to the reception upon check-out.

final Cleaning of room or cottage

Final cleaning of a room or cottage outside the hostel is possible, see price when booking. Sheets and towels must be returned at the reception upon check-out


Cleaning of cottage in the village or Seaside cabin is possible, see price when booking. Dishes must be washed and the refrigerator empty. Sheets and towels are left in the luggage house in the middle of the village.

Luggage service
Upon arrival, we pick up luggage at the dock between 11:00 and 14:00 and drive it to the hostel or cottage village.

On departure we will pick up luggage at the hostel and the cottage village at 11:00 and leave it at the dock.

We are not responsible for luggage during transportation or when we leave it at the respective area.


Breakfast is included in the room cost for the hostel between midsummer and mid August.

Breakfast is served in the hostel between 08:00 and 09:30.

If you are staying in theSeaside cabins or cottage you can buy breakfast in the country store or the kiosk.

We have special rooms / cottages for those wishing to bring pets. Pets are not allowed in furniture.

Contact the front desk prior to booking.

Campfire / BBQ
At Finnhamn there is always a fire ban, because Finnhamn is a nature reserve.

On the island there are fixed barbecue areas and common grills. In them you only use coal / briquettes for grilling and do not cook with branches and wood.


Fishing belongs to the summer. At Finnhamn you will be welcome to fish if you use a rod. Fishing with other gear such as nets or cages is prohibited.

Finnhamn has two campsites.

Because Finnhamn is a nature reserve can tenting only occur at these two sites.

Other questions

If you have other questions, please feel free to call us at +46-8-542 462 12 or email us at

Finnhamn is a nature reserve

How to act?

The reserve is the fire ban throughout the year. You are welcome to borrow our BBQ, but always use coal in them. It is forbidden to take branches and moss to cook with. Be careful with nature, it takes about 50 years for the moss to grow up again, and all actions change the environment for the island’s animals. For the same reason, it is forbidden to pick flowers and break branches.

Since several hundred people can stay in Finnhamn over a regular night during the summer, one must also respect each other. Within the reserve, the volume should be kept to a level that does not disturbs the neighbor after 22. Garbage, glass, etc. are thrown into designated containers.

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